El Choro Trek – Changing landscapes and ecosystems

El Choro Trek Bolivia Las Yungas© 2007 Elias Bizannes

Undiscovered Bolivia holds many treasures for its visitors. A large part of this beautiful country exists out of highlands, offering wonderful yet challenging trekking opportunities. Leading down ancient Inca routes while passing breathtaking landscapes and different ecosystems, El Choro is one the most stunning and varied treks of Bolivia. Once, this trek was part of the famous Inca Trail network Qapac Ñan leading through all the Inca countries.

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The Apu Ausangate Trek – Raw nature and traditions in Peru

Ausangate Trek Peru© 2013 McKay Savage

Near Cusco, there is a place where it seems like time has stood still. Here, hikers can explore a pristine mountain area with Quechua herders by their side. With traditional culture, stunning landscapes, and impressive volcanoes, the Apu Ausangate Trek has the perfect ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime trekking adventure. Continue reading “The Apu Ausangate Trek – Raw nature and traditions in Peru”

The Lost City Trek – Stunning jungle and ruins in Colombia

Lost City Trek Colombia© 2011 William Neuheisel

If you ask tourists about the Lost City in South America, many will mention Machu Picchu, the famous Inca ruins in Peru. However, another beautiful ancient city is hidden in the north of Colombia: Teyuna. A visit to this archeological treasure can included as part of  an amazing multiple day hike through the upper jungle, called the Lost City Trek. Here, travelers have the unique opportunity to visit Teyuna while passing valleys, traditional villages, and stunning landscapes. This beautiful trail combines the best of indigenous culture and pristine nature. Continue reading “The Lost City Trek – Stunning jungle and ruins in Colombia”